The Most Painful Death Penalty


Capital punishment, the death penalty, or execution is the sentence of death upon a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offence. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. The term capital originates from the Latin capitalis, literally "regarding the head". Hence a capital crime was originally one punished by severing the head from the body (Wikipedia).

Until now, the death penalty is still being done in some countries in asia. In history, there are various types of capital punishment.
The following 10 most painful type of death penalty.
1. Buried Alive

The death penalty has been used for individuals or groups. Victims are usually tied and then placed in a hole and buried alive.

2. Snake Pit

One form of torture and punishment of the oldest dead, hole (space) into the form of a snake which the death penaltyThe victim was thrown into a deep hole with venomous snakes. 

3. The Spanish Tickler

Torture is commonly used in Europe during the Middle Ages. Used to rip the victim's skin, this gun can rip through anything, including muscle and bone. The victim was tied up naked, sometimes in public, and then the torturers began to torture them. Usually begins in the legs and work inward, neck and face are always saved for last.

4. Colombian Necktie

Method of execution is one of the sadist. The victim's throat slashed, a knife is really sharp, and then their tongues pulled out through an open wound. During La Violencia, a period of Colombian history is full of murder, this is the most common form of execution.It is used mainly to intimidate others who find the facts.

5. Burning at The Stake

Death by burning has been used as a form of capital punishment over the centuries,often associated with crimes such as treason and witchcraft. Now this is considered as a punishment cruel and unusual, but before the 18th century, who was burned at the stake was common practice. Victim tied to a large stake, frequently in downtown or anywhere else with the audience and then start a fire. It is regarded as one of the slowest way to die.

6. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

The punishment for high treason in England, which will be hung, drawn and quartered is common during the Middle Ages. Although abolished in 1814, form of execution was responsible for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deaths. The process is as followsFirst, the victim was dragged on a wooden frame, called a hurdle to the place of execution. Second, the victim was hanged by the neck for a short time until almost dead (hanged). Third, castration occurs, after which, the contents of the stomach and genitals were burned in front of the victim. Finally, the body is divided into four separate part sand decapitated.

7. Cement Shoes

Introduced by the American Mafia, the execution method involves placing the victim's feet in the blocks and then fill it with wet cement and then threw it into the water. The form of execution is still practiced today, and even coined the term "person who sleeps with the fishes" as a euphemism for the dead.

8. Slow Slicing

Ling Chi, translated as "slow slicing" or "lingering death" was described as death by a thousand cuts. Forms of torture and execution are similar to the Five Pains, but drawn out over a far longerTortured slowly and remove some parts of the body, prolong life and the victim was tortured as long as possible. According to Confucian principles, the body that can not cut a whole in the spiritual afterlife, making this form of execution that is still torturing the victim in the hereafter.

9. Necklacing

Common practice in South Africa, Necklacing consists of a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, forced placed around the victim's chest and arms, and then burnedNecklacing basically causes the body will turn into fire melted.

10. The Five Pains

One of Chinese capital punishment is relatively easy to understand. Starting with the victim's nose is cut off, then one arm and one leg, and finally, the victims were castrated and cut in half at the waist. The inventor of this sentence Li Si, a Prime Minister of China,eventually tortured and later executed in this way.

That 10 death penalty is now beginning to disappear, now many organizations that oppose the death penalty. And has set 10 October as an anti-death penalty day.
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